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My Computer Is Sitting In A Room

My Computer Is Sitting In A Room

Performance software application (2012)

My Computer Is Sitting In A Room is a synthetic and technical reimagining of Alvin Lucier”s I Am Sitting In A Room.

Here a computer speaks the words from Lucier’s original script and records, and replays itself doing so, over and over again.

In this particular performance you can hear the small internal speaker of the laptop beginning to distort as the resonant feedback of the piece increases. This is the laptop”s own response to performing the piece and thus the piece remains the laptop”s own.

The software system for this piece has been designed in such a way that it can be loaded onto any modern computer with a built-in speaker and microphone.

The software can be programmed to perform scheduled performances, or cycle through iterations before resetting itself and repeating the piece enabling it to be installed in a gallery context indefinately.

The number of iterations can be adjusted so that the acoustic resonance of the piece can be achieved in diferent spaces before the system resets itself.