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Prototype cross-platform voice controlled mobile application

Prototype cross-platform voice controlled mobile application

Working in collaboration with Chronic Insanity immersive theatre company, a prototype cross-platform voice controlled mobile application was developed in order to aid the further development of a voice controlled, non-linear interactive and immersive audio experience.

The prototype Unity application utilises the native speech-to-text capabilities of the iOS and Android mobile operating systems (depending upon the deployed device) in order to recognise user speech as an input that determines the user’s trajectory through the program’s logic.

Chronic Insanity used this prototype to build the Interdimensional Phishing Scam application, “…an interactive audio experience where you receive a phone call about some PPI compensation that pulls you through a series of different call centres from parallel universes in a randomly generated show full of surreal comedy and unforeseen consequences…” (Chronic Insanity, 2022).

Chronic Insanity’s Interdimensional Phishing Scam app is available to install for both iOS and Android for free from here.