Art, Design, Research and Development

My previous work experience includes over 15 years working in London creative departments and design studios in various agencies, both as a long-term freelancer and as a full time employee. As such, I am an integrated creative able to develop projects from concept to production in both digital and printed media. I have a strong track record of designing and developing successful brands and campaigns across a variety of sectors. It is this, combined with my ability to code, that makes me a highly experienced creative with relevant skills and a thorough knowledge of appropriate technologies.

I have a keen interest in creative technology, music and the arts and manage and participate in the London based contemporary music collective anotherworldmusic. These activities and interests provide creative and technological inspiration and inform possible future applications.

As well as continuing my web development, graphic design and art practices, I am also currently an EPSRC funded postgraduate researcher at The University of Nottingham, working as a part of the FAST (Fusing Audio with Semantic Technology) program.

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