Research, Design and Development

I’m a graphic designer, website developer, music producer and researcher. I have over 20 years experience in creating, developing and promoting brands, building websites and researching creative and innovative ways of working and making.

I currently work across a variety of sectors for companies, agencies, individuals and organisations throughout the UK, and I have the skills and experience to conceive, produce and deliver creative solutions that both communicate and inspire.

My Computer Is Sitting In A Room
Some place, somewhere
Rewined Ecommerce Website Development
AWM Brand Design & Website Development
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
The Free Radical
Alvin Lucier – Creative mutation through repetition
Acoulite Brand Development, Brochure Design and Email Marketing
Music Piracy As A Marketing Strategy
Active Mutation in Self-reproducing Networks of Machines and Tapes by Takashi Ikegami and Takashi IIashimoto
Doctor Who Graphic Design and Digital Illustration
Joe Meek’s Telstar: Progressive Creativity and Imagination in Independent Music Production
Solas Brand Design and Website Development
All That Is Solid
Manser Saxon Brand and Website Development
Reel Sixty Brand and Website Design