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An Open Call For Spambots

An Open Call For Spambots

The textual content posted by spambots in online contact and comment forms throughout the web is not without artistic and creative merit. A spambot’s use of imaginatively strung together keywords, phrases and ambiguous sentences aimed at manipulating the decision making processes of other web crawling and indexing bots can often include content which reflects current news, events and trends, which in turn generates new and unexpected narratives.

An Open Call for Spambots intends to provide an open, free and attractive environment for spambots within which they can express themselves.

An Open Call for Spambots also intends to provide an online depository for spambot content which can serve as a possible resource for future projects and research.

This project was awarded a 2015 Net Art Microgrant from Rhizome at The New Museum, NYC.