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Sonic Futures: Sound Postcard player

Sonic Futures: Sound Postcard player

A collaborative project with sound artist Aleksander Kolkowski to create a website and web-based record player as a part of the Science and Media Museum’s Sonic Futures exhibition. Sound postcards were popular in the early 1900s and consisted of a postcard accompanied by a small phonograph (or gramophone) record. The website included this web-based record player for playing a selection of newly commissioned sound posts remotely.

Click a sound postcard to play.

Sound Postcard - The Absence
Sound Postcard - Zoetrope Sound Postcard
Sound Postcard - Sound is in the Air
Sound Postcard - Sounds that Emerge from the Silence
Sound Postcard - On-screen / off-screen
Sound Postcard - Full Ears
Sound Postcard - ‘burn slow, sine wave’
Sound Postcard - Listening for the 22nd Century
Sound Postcard - People I see in the Absence of a Dishwasher

Sound Postcard Player developed by Laurence Cliffe in collaboration with Aleks Kolkowski.