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Binaural audio augmented photography

Binaural audio augmented photography

Building on the previous sonic map project, binaural audio augmented photographs replace a cartographic map with photographic content. Spatialised sound sources are placed on coordinates within the photographic space and become sound sources within a binaural rendered soundscape. Users can navigate this sound space with their computer mouse, track pad or finger (depending on their viewing/listening device) which takes on the role of the listener’s position within the soundscape. In this instance, these audio augmented photographs are deployed through a web browser using the Web Audio API to render the binaural audio using a generic HRTF profile.

The following project was produced in collaboration with artist Rachel Carter and used an image of a sculpture by the artist spatially augmented with audio supplied by the artist that relates to the depicted work, providing context, insight and an additional layer of information around the work.

Explore Rachel Carter’s Standing In This Place sonic map.