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Radio News

Radio News

Radio News is a site-specific art installation consisting of approximately twenty digital alarm clock radios. (depending on the installation space). The radios are arranged into suspended columns of differing heights, and receive transmissions containing individual words cut from the latest global financial news headlines. These words are spoken by a remote synthetic voice and broadcast at randomly generated frequencies via a digitally controlled FM radio transmitter.

This results in a frequency controlled three-dimensional sound diffusion system, where synthetically spoken words randomly jump from one space to the next mixed with interference, static and other disruptions from nearby communications devices and human movement.

It is the indeterminate nature of these disruptions, combined with the persistent reprioritisation of global economic news, that make for a constantly evolving and mutating sonic output. In a Burroughsian sense, it is from this ‘cut-up’ output where new narratives, possible truths and potential futures can be constructed and exorcised in realtime.

Radio News attempts to explore future and present social experiences of technology and economy.