Organising The Noise: Realising interactive and collaborative musical performance

Noise, in both its sonic and data forms, is ever-present within our contemporary urban environments. Although it is most often viewed as an unwanted disturbance, it also presents itself as a potential creative and enabling resource. Key to this idea is the physical nature of noise and the way in which it can travel, largely uninhibited, from its source to its receiver, giving away information about the nature of its origins. Within music there is a rich history of incorporating noise to create new and innovative styles and genres.

With this view, we could ask the question:

How can we organise the noise from our soundscapes and datascapes to create innovative musical experiences, musical experiences that are not only specific to the location, but also specfic to the listener?

This research project aims to:

  • Make a contribution to the understanding of how musical experiences can reframe locations.
  • Develop guidelines for the categorisation of personal and location-based data for the purposes of composing and distributing interactive music.
  • Develop strategies for delivering personalised interactive musical content within shared and collaborative musical experiences.
  • Contribute to understandings of how personal and location-based noise can be utilised within the construction of interactive musical experiences.